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SMART Accounting

Smart Accounting

Smart Accounting

Those who practice smart accounting succeed and flourish, those who do not miss out on profits due to waste, overpaying or penalties, they miss out on tax deductions they qualify for and deserve as regulations change and they have lower productivity due to lack of efficiency and waste. These reasons alone pay for the cost of an accountant. In addition you will benefit from sound advice from a professional that works with many different businesses and gets to see the inner workings of so many different companies down to the nuts and bolts all of which he accounts for financially to get the big picture of a company’s financial health and growth potential. This kind of perspective is invaluable and is one of the many reasons why accountants rank highest as businesses’ most trusted source of advice.

Contact us, so that we can get your business on its way to its most profitable levels possible.


About The Web Accountant

Justin is a seasoned accountant with over 10 years experience in business and accounting including public accounting, corporate accounting, government contracting, real estate, retail, individual and business tax preparation. Justin has a bachelor of science degree in finance with a concentration in advanced accounting from the University of Maryland. Justin is an IRS Registered Tax Professional and works via the web with clients anywhere in the world and is available in person to clients in the Maryland, Washington D.C. and Virginia area.


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